DeMar’s Slam Dunk Book Club

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” Change is the law of life, those who look only to the to past or present are certain to miss the future.”


Since 2007, BLBC has offered a literacy-based basketball program in select Toronto schools. Our goal is to facilitate literacy and life skills in young boys and girls using sport as the motivation.

Sport and pro athletes attract the children, but our focus is on getting them reading—and enjoying it—while imparting to them positive sport and life skills.

In 2009, we partnered with Toronto Raptor DeMar DeRozan to launch DeMar’s Slam Dunk Book Club, a program originally conceived with former Raptor Chris Bosh. Since DeMar came on board, the program has flourished, in large part due to his personal belief in the importance of learning and academics to developing kids’ full potential.

However this will be our last year with DeMar. DeMar has decided to move on from our program to other charitable interests including Lupus which his mother has. Our association with DeMar has been First Rate and we certainly wish him all the best this year and the future. We were the first to recognize his All-Star potential and appreciate greatly everything he has done for the Book Club. This year is no different, he is providing us with 30 Raptor game tickets. 15 tickets will be available as early bird prizes to those that register prior to February 15, 2018 for our club.

As noted by JFK, change is the law of life, to that end our Saturday Program is no longer being offered for this year.

PLEASE NOTE: We had planned to run at Humewood CS, but we couldn’t get the program organized and started on time.

Read to Succeed an in-school program will be launched in the Fall of 2018, with a wrap up party and loads of special guests at Playdium

How The Saturday Program Would Look – 

  1. A Program Supervisor provided by BLBC;
  2. Coaches and Mentors will be selected from Grade 11 and 12 students in surrounding schools or from the TDSB/Ministry Sponsored Focus On Youth Employment Program. These positions will be paid positions (minimum wage) unless the Students wish to volunteer and have their hours count toward their Community Service time.
  3. Each program will consist of a Saturday session (2hours) 90 Minutes of Basketball and 30 Minutes of reading and writing each week.
  4. The program will be available 50 students in K-3 and 50 students Gr. 4-7. It will run for 10 weeks ( February24 – April 28, 2018). Participation is mandatory if the students wish to have an opportunity to win prizes.
  5. Program costs range from $50 – $65 per student with subsidies available for Qualified Students.

Weekend Program Structure

  1. Day One Students will meet in the Gym where they will receive their Reading Log Journal, T-shirts and be introduced to their Staff Supervisor, Coach/Mentors and Reading Buddies. They will placed on a team and each week they will receive 30 minutes of skills training and 60 minutes of house league games within a designated schedule.
  2. Team work will be stressed.
  3. Student reading and book reports will take place for the remaining 30 minutes and be monitored by a Staff Supervisor, Student Teacher and Coaches. Students will be expected to bring their book Journals to the Gym each week.

DeMar’s Slam Dunk Book Club Goals –

  1. Learn how to play basketball like the pros, read and share great books and stories, from comic to storybooks to short novels.
  2. Write your book reports to show that you have what it takes to succeed.
  3. Track your individual and team success with our Reading Log and Our Skill Tests.
  4. Earn points to win amazing prizes from the Toronto Raptors, DeMar DeRozan, and more by showing up on time, listening to your coaches and mentors and being a role model for your friends and teammates!
  5. Meet Authors and Illustrators who bring books to life and who also had sports play a large role in their lives..


Book Club T-shirt and Journal:

You’ll receive a Book Club T-shirt and an Academy Journal to keep track of your skills and accomplishments, from ball skills to great acts of teamwork and accomplishment.

All-Star Prizes:

Book Club participants who put out their best effort and earn the most points have a chance to win amazing prizes like pro gear, meet professional athletes and accomplished authors and other special guests. In addition you may earn a chance to receive tickets to Toronto Sporting events.

Your best game: The skills you’ll learn here will build your next-level game, on the court and everywhere you go. In addition to meeting new friends.


Your gear:

  • gym clothes (t-shirt, shorts, athletic shoes with non-marking soles)
  • water bottle.

Your work:

  • any assigned work or activities, completed on time
  • Academy journal

Every week, you show up on time with your gym clothes and completed assignments or activities. Completed assignments earn you rank, court time, and prizes.


The ultimate milestone is the satisfaction that will come from starting and finishing the task of learning how to play basketball and reading and completing a book. Just as practice improves your chances of winning a game, reading improves your chances of winning in life. We have no doubt you will see an improvement in your students at the completion of this program and that for us and them, is the best reward possible.

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