Academy Summer Camps registration open now!

Summer Academy and Sports Camp – Toronto

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Last Week of Camp. We still have space, with Swimming and Water Play scheduled.

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Registration is now open. Fees are $65/week for returning students, $75/week for new students. After-care is $15/week (includes early drop off (8am).
How do we keep the cost so low?
In 2009 the Province in response to the shooting of Jordan Manners set up a program to support youth at risk in finding part time and summer jobs. This program known as Focus On Youth allows not for profit and charitable organizations to apply for funding for school space and placement of police vetted students who have passed CPR and 1st aid training to work. This keeps our overhead low and allows us to pass the savings onto the communities our camps and programs serve. 

Thank you. We do hope to see you next year!

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Week 1 - July 3-6Week 2 - July 9-13Week 3 - July 16-20Week 4 - July 23-27Week 5 - July 30-Aug 3Week 6 - August 7-10


Refund Policy: You may withdraw your child's registration up to June 15, 2018 with out penalty. Any withdrawals after June 15, 2018 will result in a $30 administration fee being applied. Withdrawing your child after July 3, 2018 will mean a forfeit of your camp fees, unless for a medical reason, in which case a full refund will be made. If your child received our special offer of Toronto Raptor tickets and you withdraw no refund will be made unless for medical reasons.

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