Read to Succeed March Break Challenge

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Important Notice: We had a registration issue, if you have previously registered for Read to Succeed, we ask that you re-register as the issue prevented us from receiving your registration. We apologize for the Inconvenience. BLBC

March Break is a time for fun, but it can also be a time to get some work done in a competitive and rewarding way. We are launching a Reading and Writing challenge for  OBA Players and Students across the GTA and Southern Ontario for March Break 2019. If you can successfully complete this challenge you could find yourself at Cineplex Playdium in Mississauga Ontario enjoying a minimum of 60 minutes of free play time while meeting some of our best Amateur and Professional Athletes, as well as some of our best authors. We have partnered with Basketball Ontario to provide an opportunity for students, coaches and teams to Read to Play, Play to Grow and Grow to Lead at Newtonbrook SS and Northview Hts SS from November 2018 to May 2019.
How The Read to Succeed Program Works - 
  1. Register online.
    When you register you’ll receive via email an Academy Journal to keep track of your reading skills and accomplishments.

  2. Track your individual and team success with our Reading Log (find it inside your journal) and Our Skill Tests.
  3. Write your book reports to show that you have what it takes to succeed.
  4. Take your completed work to your teacher or coach and ask them to review and sign our official completion form.
Your work:
  • K - Grade 1 - you will receive 1 point for each book and book report you complete. 5 bonus points for completing more than 5 books.
  • Grade 2/3  - you will receive 1 point for each book and book report you complete that has at least 20 pages included. 5 bonus points for completing more than 5 books.
  • Grade 4/5 - you will receive 1 point for each book and book report that has at least 50 pages included. 5 bonus points for completing more than 5 books.
  • Grade 6/7/8 - you will receive 1 point for every book and book report that has at least 150 pages and you will receive 25 bonus points if your book exceeds 250 pages.
  • An additional 50 bonus points can be earned with a recommendation from your coach or teacher that shows you are showing up on time, not being disruptive in class or practice and are giving 100%.
  • Top 15 Point Earners in each class will receive a invite to the Playdium Day in April.

    ***Coaches and Teachers - please be judicious about giving out these bonus points. We always strive at BLBC to have kids earn their rewards. ***
All-Star Prizes:

Upon completion of your work, which must be completed during March Break 2019, Book Club participants will need to get their completion form signed off by their teacher or their coach and return the forms to BLBC no later than April 15, 2019. Those students who put out their best effort and earn the most points have a chance to win amazing prizes like free play time at Playdium,  meet Professional and Olympic athletes and accomplished authors and other special guests. Some may even earn a chance to receive tickets to Toronto Sporting and Cultural Events.

Completed assignments earn you rank, play time, and prizes.

> Individual Registration is $50 per student
($45 for Ontario Basketball Members)
> OBA Team Registration is $600
> School Registration is $750 per Class
> PSI Schools* receive a 50% Class Subsidy (reduces cost to $375) thanks to our partnership with Basketball Ontario and our programs at newtonbrook SS and Northview Heights SS:


The ultimate milestone is the satisfaction that will come from starting and finishing the task. It could be learning how to play basketball, reading and completing a book or simply setting a goal and achieving it. Just as practice improves your chances of winning a game, reading improves your chances of winning in life. Teachers, Parents and Coaches we have no doubt you will see an improvement in your students at the completion of this program and that for us and for them, is the best reward possible.

*PSI Schools:


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